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    An excellent faculty, Science is a compulsory subject studied as triple and combined science by all students at GCSE. The vast majority of students choose to study triple science. At A level, Biology, Chemistry and Physics continue to be popular choices. Psychology is studied by 60 students at GCSE and 50 at A level. The majority of students go on to study science and engineering related courses at University. The progress of students, including SEND, BAME and Pupil Premium, in all qualifications is significantly above average.

    The curriculum is well-aligned to “Curriculum @ St Bede’s”. It is well designed with the knowledge required carefully sequenced with challenging, purposeful lessons that ensure all students are able to not only access the curriculum, but thrive and continue their engagement beyond the classroom. Meaningful practical science remains an important aspect of teaching and learning. To support this the faculty is well resourced with both equipment and technical support staff. The curriculum also has opportunities to explore SMSC, career opportunities, Catholic Teaching and Anti-Racist themes in place where appropriate.

    All teaching staff fully understand the theory underpinning “Teaching and Learning @ St Bede’s” and this is reflected in all learning resources that are centrally planned. In addition, every teacher has knowledge of methods to implement these ideas; e.g. ways to scaffold and model concepts to ensure all students make progress. Students are given access to a variety of resources to support their learning, improve retention of knowledge and foster independence; both in thought and approaches to learning. The faculty has a culture of constant improvement with the momentum for this coming from the faculty leadership and the college CPD programme.

    Relationships are at the heart of the success in the classroom. Staff operate with intentionality

    when guiding students along the St Bede’s Way and model the Gospel values in each interaction. Colleagues are consistent in their use of praise, house points and other rewards, as well as when sanctioning.

    The faculty is an inspiring place to work. Colleagues have meaningful work to complete and their successes are celebrated. There is a strong sense of collegiality with all team members contributing to the faculties success. Leaders are proactive and self-reflective, but also have big ideas and a drive to implement them. Workload is managed well.

    The Science faculty is well known and respected across the city and it offers support to other schools. It has great relationships with University College Weston, STEM Learning Partnership and the University of Bristol through which it is able to further enrich the curriculum. We strive to ensure students have a greater appreciation of the wider cultural context and the applications of their studies to the wider world. Our aim is for students to continue their science studies into a rewarding career, but ultimately we want our students to be armed with the skills to engage with science throughout their lives and make quality decisions based upon their own reasoning.

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