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St. Bede's Catholic College

ST Bede's

Catholic College

    Principal’s Welcome

    A very warm welcome to St Bede’s Catholic College. We are committed to the principles of Catholic education and academic excellence, as envisioned by our namesake, St Bede.  

    It is the responsibility of our college to prepare children to be good citizens and the servant leaders of the future. Through our culture that focuses on gospel values such as service, compassion and forgiveness, Catholic and non-Catholic students alike leave St Bede’s ready to be beacons of light to future generations.  Each member of the school community is recognised as being created in God’s own image and so equally valuable. Non-Catholics feel equally welcome and their spiritual journey as important.

    The learning of knowledge built through human history is an intellectual human right. Knowledge provides liberty, freedom and power. Therefore, the curriculum at St Bede’s is designed to give access to a wide range of subjects, with expert teachers guiding students through the traditions. Through this curriculum, students have the chance to develop character traits such as fortitude and perseverance, as well as skills including reasoning and critical thinking. As students have different areas of aptitude and interest, St Bede’s caters for all, as we know that often it is only through exposure to these opportunities that they find their God-given gifts.

    Expectations for effort and application are very high to ensure all students reach their potential, regardless of ability. Such high demands are supported academically, socially and spiritually. Students feel valued at St Bede’s because of its personalised approach, celebration of difference and its desire to develop confidence and independence. St Bede’s nurtures young people’s self-esteem and sense of worth through the provision of a range of opportunities both within and outside the classroom.

    As Saint John Henry Newman said, any education worthy of the name must involve ‘heart speaking to heart’; a personal connection. We know that the selection of a secondary school or sixth form is a very important decision for families and hope that our website gives a sense of our college. If you wish to explore in greater detail what a St Bede’s education means in practice, please do not hesitate to come and see.

    God bless,

    Robert King





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