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    The maths faculty at St Bede’s is held in high esteem by students, families and staff. Students enjoy maths lessons and enjoy learning mathematics. Students recognise the value of mathematics, and understand the importance of maths for everyday life, as well as appreciating its role in problem solving and the inherent beauty of the subject. We know this from student voice surveys and from student engagement in further study of maths and co-curricular opportunities.

    Students have the opportunity to study maths up to the age of 18, and many do. Our A Level Maths and Further Maths programmes are increasingly popular, with 60 students studying A Level Maths and 20 students studying A Level Further Maths. Maths Studies is a popular option for students who are interested in the use of mathematics in practical situations, with 20 students choosing to study this alongside their other qualifications.

    Our Key Stage 3 curriculum was redesigned for September 2023 and continues to evolve through collaborative planning and sharing of resources. As units are taught colleagues reflect on the effectiveness of the curriculum so that it can be improved for future years. Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is new for September 2024, and follows on closely from Key Stage 3, in effect creating a five year mastery journey for the students. This journey is ambitious but appropriate for all learners and supports our students to be learn maths deeply, become enthusiastic mathematicians and to be successful in their examinations.

    Teachers in the maths department are experts in both mathematics and teaching. They are able to deliver the curriculum effectively with a strong emphasis on teaching for understanding and mastery of mathematics. Teachers work collaboratively as part of a team that are continually driving to improve. They feel valued and supported in their work, and have opportunities to shape their development and career progression.

    The maths faculty supports trainee teachers which supports reflective practice and recruitment of new teachers to the team. St Bede’s hosts the Bristol (and surrounding areas) Heads of Maths group three times a year. The faculty is known and respected across the city, and as a result, teachers want to work here.

    Leaders in the maths faculty are continually driving to improve. They are keen to find efficient and effective ways of working that deliver outstanding results whilst protecting colleagues work-life balance.

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