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    Your lifeline - Not just around exam time

    The Library at St Bede’s is a welcoming place for all students, playing an especially valuable role in supporting Year 7s as they adapt to life in secondary school. 

    It provides resources to support all students’ educational, spiritual and social development, as well as fostering a love of Reading for Pleasure. 

    It embraces the concept of ‘windows and mirrors’, allowing students to both see themselves reflected in the books they read, and explore the lives of those different to them.  It has strong links across faculties and pastoral teams, building the resources to support the curriculum and the work of colleagues. 

    Students are encouraged to take ownership of the library, making their own recommendations of books they would like, and these are acted on whenever possible. They receive induction lessons at the start of Year 7 and Year 12, reflecting the different use they make of the library as they progress through the College.

    Librarians have forged contacts with other school librarians within Bristol and the Diocese, and grown their professional knowledge through appropriate CPD.

    The St Bede’s Catholic College Library is open every day during term time from 8.40am-4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8.40am-3.30pm on Friday.

    • After school from Monday to Thursday the Library is open until 4.30pm for private study and everyone is welcome.
    • We have books suitable for Year 7 through to Year 13 including fiction, non-fiction, reference books, text books, revision guides, quick reads and a graphic novel collection.
    • All pupils are welcome to read, borrow or return books, do homework, research and use the computers.
    • Pupils can borrow 3 books at any one time. Books are issued for 3 weeks and can be renewed twice. Books can also be reserved.
    • Suggestions for new titles are always welcome.

    Reading suggestions

    We have a selection of reading lists and book guides in the Library to help pupils when choosing something new to read which suit all ages, interests and abilities. 
    We can also recommend the following reading website:

    As well as some really useful sections on how to read aloud to children and reluctant readers, the teen section has lots of useful information on the best new reads, authors, writing book reviews and a great book finder tool.

    This is a website divided helpfully into age ranges. You can download extracts from featured books.  It also has a section on dyslexia friendly books.

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