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    Information for Parents and Carers

    Please find below information which you may find useful.

    Apprenticeships are a chance for young people to work, earn money and study for a qualification at the same time. As employees, apprentices work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. Typically an apprenticeship will consist of 4 days full-time work, with one day at college or with a training provider, where apprentices receive training to work towards nationally recognised qualifications. Alternatively, apprentices may work full time for most of the year and then have a block of time at a college or with the company’s training centre. Anyone living in England, over 16 and not in full-time education can apply.

    Apprenticeships can take between one and four years to complete depending on the level of apprenticeship, the apprentice's ability and the industry sector. The minimum salary is £5.28 per hour; however, many apprentices earn significantly more. 
    Key benefits:

    • earn a salary
    • get paid holidays
    • receive training
    • gain qualifications.
    • learn job-specific skills.

    An apprenticeship comes in two parts and as well as applying to a college or training provider young people also need to apply for a job. Young people can either contact companies directly or use the national apprenticeships website on  A limited number of job opportunities are also available via colleges and training providers.

    An apprenticeship at age 16 is not for everyone, however, it is possible to start an apprenticeship at any stage of career. Taking an apprenticeship does not mean you cannot go to university and indeed a number of apprenticeships may lead on to studying at university level. For more information about apprenticeships in general, how to apply and vacancy opportunities visit 

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