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    Homeless ​​​​​​​

    You know that person who asked you for food; he hasn’t eaten anything in days.

    Remember that man you ignored on the street; he just wanted a blanket so that he can be warm at night.

    That person you passed lying on the gravel; he is too ill to sit up.

    We all see many homeless people on the streets every day. Imagine if you were in their shoes. It must be horrific. The number of homeless people is rising rapidly. This needs to change. No one should go through what they are going through; Having to beg for food and water; Having to lie asleep at night hoping that it won’t rain otherwise you will be freezing cold and damp; Having to suffer verbal and physical abuse.

    Today in our society we have forgotten about the homeless. When we see them on the streets we don’t even think to go up to them let alone give them food or water. Personally, I believe that we are all human. Any person on the streets is one of us so we must help them. These people have forgotten what happiness and cheerfulness feels like. We need to help them to experience it again.

    Even if it is just giving them a bite to eat or a blanket to shelter them from the cold or just smiling to them as you pass will brighten up their day. How much will that cost you? Nothing. We don’t understand what they are going through as we all have plenty of food and water and a shelter over our heads. We are very lucky! All they want is to feel safe and loved. By doing little things we can help them through the darkest of days and most of all help them to feel special and loved like they once were. It is essential that we work together to make lives of others better.  So please start now! 



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