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    ST BEDE’S WAY SPOTLIGHT: Work Hard, Be Kind. Do the Right Thing.

    The St. Bede’s Way Spotlight identifies someone who stands out as exemplifying one of our three St Bede’s Way principles of “Work Hard. Be Kind. Do the Right Thing.”

    This week our spotlight highlights year 8 Pasteur student Igor. Last week, we received a lovely email from a member of the public who praised Igor for his kindness and calmness. It reads:
    I was visiting my son's apartment as I was house sitting while he was away. The door handle came off the door of the room I was in and I couldn't get out. I had left my phone in the hall.
    For a while I tried to manipulate the catch but failed. I needed help so I leaned out of the (3rd floor) window and called out to the student who was passing and asked him if he would make a call or text my husband to explain my predicament. He kindly did this. No immediate reply came as my husband didn't recognise and does not routinely answer unknown numbers. Igor carried on home and said he would come back if a reply came.
    Igor returned a while later to say my husband had texted and was coming to help. Igor also contacted my husband a while later by text to check I was alright.
    I would like to commend Igor for his calm and sensible reaction to my desperate situation. Igor is a fine example of a young man who wishes to help others and shows concern for others. I hope his school and family are very proud of him. 

    Igor your kindness exemplifies our St Bede’s Way principles.
    We are very proud of you! Well done.

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