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    Message from Mr King, Principal 19.11.2021

    Dear families,

    I find myself writing again to show my appreciation to families, students and staff for your support and prayers, this time through our second inspection of the year. The diocesan Section 48 inspection report is due to be published next week, so I cannot yet share the formal outcome, but I wanted to share some of the positive feedback on our students.

    Inspectors said "the students are able to articulate why they feel it is important to be a part of a Catholic school" and "understand Catholic social teaching". Students are "respectful and reverent" in the Liturgy of the Word and in other prayer opportunities. Throughout, they felt students were "powerful representatives of the college".

    A huge thank you to our families, parishes and feeder primary schools - we at St Bede's only build on the excellent work you have done with these children in their formative years. I am pleased we are able to continue their spiritual journey and bring them into a closer relationship with Christ.

    God bless,

    Robert King



    Message from Mr King

    5th November 2021

    Dear families

    Term 2 has begun with great enthusiasm. Students and staff have returned from their break refreshed and lessons have begun with engagement and focus. The rehearsals for the Advent service and this year's production are both up and running, and a number of new co-curricular opportunities will begin later this term. 
    Thank you all for your support in maintaining the COVID-19 health and safety measures including twice weekly testing, mask wearing on buses and regular handwashing. The college cleaning regime is still operating at a high level. The availability of vaccinations for our students is the next step of these measures.
    We have been contacted by the Sirona NHS Vaccination team and they have confirmed that COVID-19 and flu vaccinations will be available in college during the week commencing the 15th of November. All information and consent forms will be sent out to families over the next few days - there will be separate consent forms for the two vaccinations. Please do note that there is a very strict cut off date to the acceptance of the vaccinations and due care should be taken as to which vaccination you would like your child to have, if any.
    The link which we will send you will take you directly to the NHS Site and will give you all the details. 
    The COVID-19 vaccination in school is offered to all pupils who have already turned 12 years old and up to the age of 16. If your child is already 16 and has not had the vaccination, they are still able to receive it in school and need not visit a walk-in centre to do so.  
    The flu vaccination offered is a live vaccination (nasal spray) and will be offered for all pupils in school from Year 7 to Year 11. Please be aware that since the flu vaccination is a live vaccination you may want to check with your local health care provider if anyone in your family is immunocompromised.  
    Please make use of your SIMS Parent app to update your email address on our system if you have made any recent changes to it.
    God bless,
    Robert King
    Message from Mr King, Principal
    Friday 22nd October 2021

    Dear all,

    The college has had a fantastic first term, with students embracing the focus on "Work Hard. Be Kind. Do the Right Thing" in all that they do. The return of mass, assemblies, chaplaincy, practical science, art, music and drama lessons, sports clubs, choir, Duke of Edinburgh, amongst much more, have really enriched the experience of students and helped foster an atmosphere of positivity and hope. 
    Last night was the Arete sixth form open evening. The event was very well attended and it was great to see students so engaged with the decision making process and asking such pertinent questions of the academic and pastoral staff. Arete is continuing to flourish and we look forward to supporting students' transition from Year 11 to Year 12 over the next 10 months. 
    In our continued attempts to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on the St Bede's community, I would ask all students to please continue to complete their twice weekly lateral flow tests through the holiday and into next term. Please remember that all students using buses to get to college should wear face coverings for those journeys.
    As we now know the COVID-19 vaccination programme for our students will not be for a few more weeks, I just wanted to draw your attention to a new opportunity for 12-15 year olds to receive their vaccine out of school through vaccination centres. This offer will run in parallel to the in-school vaccination programme. Parents of children aged 12 to 15 will be able to book an appointment out of school, if this option is preferred, using the link:
    Please remember Monday 1st November is an INSET day, so we look forward to welcoming the students back on Tuesday 2nd November.
    God bless,
    Robert King


    Message from Mr King, Principal

    Another great fortnight has passed at St Bede's and I write to commend the students on their attitude to learning and behaviours for excellence. As I mentioned in a recent letter, we have been focusing on the college's culture and developing an understanding of The St. Bede's Way. We wanted to clarify for students, families and staff the college mission and how we do things here. To that end, we have finalised two key documents linked below. They are the result of input from teachers, students and governors and reflect our joint vision for the college's present and future.

    Mission Statement
    The St. Bede's Way

    We said a fond farewell to Father Cosmas this week as he celebrated mass with us for the last time. He has supported the college immensely over the last few years and for that we are extremely grateful. We pray he settles well in his new London parish.

    The government this week confirmed that the guidance for twice weekly lateral flow tests remains in place for students and staff. For the sake of the health of all in our community, please do encourage your children to continue to take their tests regularly - We suggest Sundays and Wednesdays. The first pack of tests given at the beginning of term should run out this weekend, so students will be provided with new packs early next week.

    Further information on what parents and carers need to know about schools during COVID-19 can be found here.

    Thank you for your ongoing support in this period of transition.
    God bless,
    Robert King


    17th September 2021

    After a fantastic first two weeks of term, I wanted to start by thanking all the students, staff and families for their support, warmth and engagement. As we move towards a more normal way of school life, with collective worship, house assemblies, shared lunchtimes and new co-curricular activities, it is fantastic to see the smiles on the faces of the members of our community.

    Our new Year 7s have made an excellent start, and it was lovely to see so many of their families at last night's welcome mass and information evening. The students have already shown a wide range of gifts, skills and virtues and I know this year group is going to be an absolute credit to the college.

    We have also welcomed our largest cohort into the Year 12 of our Arete sixth form. It is hugely pleasing to see increasing numbers of students choosing St Bede's for their post-16 study. The students have begun the year with enthusiasm and, with the support of their teachers, will manage the transition from KS4 to KS5 well.

    The focus of the first fortnight has been the college's culture and developing an understanding of The St Bede's Way. A more detailed document will be finalised over the next few weeks, but I wanted to share the three agreed simple messages for all members of our college family: Work Hard. Be Kind. Do the Right Thing. We believe if we concentrate on doing these things on a daily basis the college will thrive and each student will become the best version of themselves.

    God bless, 

    Robert King 



    Tuesday 13th September 2021

    Dear families,

    I hope you are all well and that your children have enjoyed their first week back in college. Thank you to them and you for your support of the testing process – we successfully completed over 2000 lateral flow tests, all of which returned negative results.

    Please continue to support our community to keep each other safe by encouraging your children to return to the twice weekly testing at home. Test kits were distributed to children at the end of last week, but if you are running short at any time please ask your child to request a new pack from their tutor.

    School life has now returned to close to normal, and it is great to see the students all together around the college. Our Wednesday voluntary mass will resume in a couple of weeks’ time and in preparation for this students are taking part in year group collective worship services over the first fortnight of term. Lessons have returned to their specialised classrooms which is fantastic for the academic progress of the students and we are delighted that co-curricular activities have already re-started with many more pencilled in over the next few weeks and months.

    The students’ uniform has been of a very good standard to begin the year, so a very big thank you for your support in this area. Please continue to remind your children that footwear should not be branded, the only jewellery permitted is one stud in each ear, and mobile phones can be “on site” but must remain “out of sight”.

    We are introducing a new home learning platform this year called Class Charts. Students are receiving their logins this week and so normal home learning expectations will begin on Monday 20th September. Families will receive their logins early next week and so you will be able to see the work set and support your children with it. Please encourage your child to organise their time well around their home learning and develop strong independent working routines to allow them to be the best they can be this year.

    Kind regards,

    Rob King


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