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St. Bede's Catholic College

ST Bede's

Catholic College

Year 7

Head of Year 7

Mrs Carmichael


Our Tutors

7BMHA - Mrs M Hathaway    7BAW - Miss A Walsh    7DHA- Miss H Adams
7DFM - Mr F McCarthy     7PRMS - Mr R Seymour     7PBD - Miss B Davies 
7SAMA - Dr A Marra         7SDM - Mr D Marshall

Associate Tutor: Mr D Williams


We take attendance very seriously at St Bede's and look for pupils to be at 96% attendance. Did you know that if you have an attendance of 80%, over the 5 years at school, you will have missed 1 year of education! Think of the damage to your progress.

Please let school know if you are not going to be in and a reason why, if you can provide us with evidence that would be very useful for our records. 

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