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St. Bede's Catholic College

ST Bede's

Catholic College

Ecologically friendly School

The staff and students work very hard on recycling and reducing our carbon footprint and take responsibility  for emptying the recycling bins in classrooms and offices.

The IT department have a recycling facility in place for printer toners and cartridges and use compatible toners where possible from a local company. The compatible toners are produced on-site in Bristol, further reducing the carbon footprint in transportation. Software is also used to monitor and reduce the amount of wasted prints.

All houses are involved in litter duty of the school playground on a 3 week rotation.

Learning about how much water we use in a day.
Pledges made to reduce water use.
To learn about water poverty
Discussed essential & non- essential water use


New paths & raised vegetable beds / seating area maintained by pupils and staff


Recycling is collected regularly
Recycling of Christmas cards planned for January
‘3 R’s’ & limits of landfill sites.
Clothes recycled: Clothes for a cause.


Switch off Fortnight- Assemblies to all houses / stall in blue area / t-shirt making / pledges / monitoring lights & computers left on in classrooms.
Pupils to take part in POD ‘Good bye standby’ & ‘Switch on to switching off’ activities
Energy saving board - to be displayed in blue area during switch off fortnight to raise awareness.
Earth Hour

Whole school:

Energy efficient lighting in all classrooms
Whole school recycling
Switch Off Fortnight
Waste Week
Water Poverty

School has a set of bikes and bike sheds to encourage riding to school

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