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    Should we treat Christians differently to other refugees?

    Malachi chapter 3 verse 1: “fight for justice for strangers living among you.”

    My name is Junior and I am a stranger living among you.

    I was 11 years old when I left my village in Cameroon. My uncle and I flew to the UK to join my father in Bristol.  When I landed in England I was scared and excited at the same time. I spoke no English.  A month later I started school and began to learn alongside children like the ones gathered here today. It was daunting and scared and at times I felt lonely and isolated from the other students.    You feel sorry for me don’t you?

    Now imagine I am a Muslim boy. Now imagine I travelled here with my Muslim uncle to live with my Muslim father. Imagine that we had flow here from Syria and not Cameroon. Now how do you feel? What has changed? I am still a boy and I am stood here now. I am sure if I was a Muslim I won’t be here today.

    There are times where I feel ashamed to be a part of this world.

    It hurt me every time I see a young teen like me or younger than me, suffering in a refugee camo without any help from us.

    It is not our or their fault if there are refugees. However, as a nation we should all help them without trying to know what religion or ethnic background they are from.

    Correct me if I am wrong but those Muslim refugees are asking for nothing but a warm place to sleep at night. 

    Believe me the majority of those Muslim refugee don’t want to be here.     They had their own home in their countries so what choice do they have ?

    Forgive me but I put the blame for this on the western movement systems.

    I am deeply hurt when I see someone the president of the United States say that they will give privilege to Christian refugees.

    President, prime ministers, King and Queen should provide the perfect example of how to treat each other not how to hold prejudices towards other people.

    In 2016 99% of 1260 Syria refugees were Muslim. Less than 1% were Christian. If that 1% should be saved then all of them should be safe.

    As catholic I believe that we should help each other regardless of their religion. In this case this is not happening.

    This is because of the label that we give to them. We shouldn’t give each other label. All we should ask is, what is your name?

    Remind me, what is your name?

    All refugees are running from the something. If we can help one, we can help all of them. Regardless of religion.


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