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St. Bede's Catholic College

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Catholic College

    6th Form Online Application Form

    Year 12 Application Form - Admission September 2022

    Closing date for applications 10th January 2022

    Personal Details

    Parent/Carer contact details (details of one or two parents/carers may be supplied):

    Are you a baptised Catholic ?*
    Are you a child who is or has previously been in local authority care?*

    Please note that Sixth Form students will have period 6 lessons allocated to their timetable. Period 6 lessons finish at 4.15pm and students are required to make their own way home. College transport is not provided.

    A Level Subject Choice in the order of your preference

    1st Choice
    2nd Choice
    3rd Choice
    4th Choice*
    1st Reserve
    2nd Reserve

    *Only a student with all grades at 8/9 in all subjects would be expected to study 4 A levels.
    ** All courses offered may be cancelled if there is insufficient interest.
    *** Good conduct, a willingness to learn and self-motivation are an important part of A Level study which prepares students for Higher Education. St. Bede’s Catholic College reserves the right to withdraw offers or withhold places if conduct in key Stage 4 study is not appropriate for acceptance into A Level study

    Additional subjects

    Do you currently hold a valid UK Passport?*

    Please send to:
    Ms L Kirkbright or Mr N Sutton, Director of Sixth Form, St Bede’s Catholic College, Long Cross, Lawrence Weston, Bristol, BS11 0SU

    It is important that you are available for enrolment on Thursday 25th August or Friday 26th August 2022. If there is a problem with either of these, please indicate this on your form.

    Data Protection Act 1998- the information on this form will be passed on to the Chief Executive of Skills Funding, and where required, the Education Funding Agency to enable those organisations to fulfil their statutory obligations principally under Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009. Both organisations are registered as data controllers with the UK Information Commissioner's Office. The information you provide may be shared with other organisations for purposes of administration, the provision of career and other guidance and statistical and research purposes, relating to education or training.

    I agree to the information I have given on this form being recorded and stored according to the conditions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

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