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GCSE Additional Science



Mrs H Powers - Learning and Teaching team leader
Mr A Davies – Head of Physics
Mrs C. Liew – Head of Biology
Miss M Rafee - Acting Head of Chemistry
Mrs J Pascoe



Miss R Povall
Mrs C Ford
Mrs R Shaddick
Ms H Redfearn

Key Dates:

Course is completed during Year 11
Term 2 – Full Investigation Controlled Assessment


Term 6 – Terminal GCSE exams (3)


Science at Key Stage 3:

At KS3, all pupils study an integrated science course based on the Go Science scheme of work.  They study topics covering physics, chemistry and biology.  Pupils are tracked using levelled assessments. 
The course develops the skills which will lay a good foundation as pupils progress to GCSE.

GCSE Additional Science  at Key Stage 4:

This course is designed for pupils who want to gain a deeper understanding of basic scientific ideas, using modules and learning about how Scientists develop their understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live. 

In Biology you will study: Life Processes, Growth and Development and Brain and Mind.

In Chemistry you will study: Chemical Patterns, Chemicals of the Natural Environment and Chemical Synthesis
In Physics you will study: Explaining Motion, Electric Circuits, and Radioactive Materials. 

The course is suitable for students of all ability levels.

You will learn the skills required to understand how scientific ideas are developed and to:

  • use a variety of sources of information
  • learn to select, organise and present information clearly and
  • develop the group and communication skills you need to justify your opinions.

Through the practical task you will learn the skills required to carry out investigations safely and accurately.

This course together with core GCSE Science is appropriate for the majority of students. The two GCSE’s will allow progression to many Science related courses at A level and can lead to careers in the industrial or research spheres.

Exam board course details :  Our exam board is OCR: and our specification is the Twenty First Century Science Suite.

Assessment at GCSE:

You will take written papers. The papers are offered in Foundation and Higher Tiers and together count as 75% of your final grade.
Finally, you will complete a controlled assessment for 6-8 hours in lesson time that makes up the final 25% of your Year 11 Additional Science grade.

Terminal written exams will take place in June of Year 11.


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