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Psychology at Key Stage 4

Exam board: OCR GCSE Psychology

Website: GCSE - Psychology - J611 (from 2012) - OCR


All exams are sat at the end of the two-year course.

Unit B541 - Studies and Applications in Psychology 1 – 1hr 15mins- 40%
(Sex and Gender, Memory, Attachment, Obedience, Atypical Behaviour)

Unit B542 - Studies and Applications in Psychology 2 – 1hr 15mins- 40%
(Criminal Behaviour, Perception, The Self, Cognitive Development, Non-verbal Communication)

Unit B543 - Research in Psychology – 1hr-20%
(Hypotheses, Variables, Experimental Design, Sampling Techniques, Ethics, Experiments)

Psychology at Key Stage 5

Exam board: AQA A Psychology

Website: AQA | AS and A-level | Psychology A | Past papers and mark schemes

Assessment for A Level Psychology:

Paper 1 – PSYA1 – 2hrs – 33.3%
 (Introductory topics in Psychology)

Paper 2 – PSYA2 – 2hrs – 33.3%
(Psychology in context)

Paper 3– PSYA3 – 2hrs – 33.3%
(Issues and options in Psychology)


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