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House Team

Head of House: Mrs B Sharp

House Captains: Eoin Condron and Charlotte Norris
Vice House Captains: Izzy Tivey and Lander Taduran
Pasteur of the Term: Rensen Reji (8PKL)

Sports Captains:

Year 8: Khari Allen, Cat Davies
Year 9: Seb Hudd, Romey Clark
Year 10: Moniee Wilson, Rhian Hughes
Year 11: Tai Jan Deidrich, Michaela Mattis 

House Charities 2015:

Capella, Sight Savers and Family Centre for Death Children

  Senior Prefects  
Olivia Johnson PK (Przemyslaw)
Eoin Condron

Albert Hadi


Charlotte Norris
Amy Ritchings
Beatriz Tanaka
Katie Whitfield
Albert Hadi
Alastair Vyphius
Olivia Johnson
Milena Dabrowska
Joseph Tomy
Kyle Thomas
PK (Przemyslaw)
Patrick Welsh
Nikrad Nassirii
Declan Smith
Nelly Bilachenko
Amber Williams
Emma Van Xanh
Amiel Alojado
James West
Bianca Alves
Jyothis Mankottil
Francesca O’Brien
Hannah Slaney
Eoin Condron
James Ball
Marika Niekowal
Meggie Burden Alicia Dias
Kristie O'Connor

Tutor Groups

Yr 8

8PKL - Mrs K Lewis
8PRS - Mrs R Shaddick
8PTOG - Mr T O’Gallagher

Yr 10

10PLMC - Mrs L McCauley
10PGM - Mr G McNamara

Yr 9

9PDA - Mr D Atkinson
9PCBA - Mr C Barley

Yr 11

11PJS - Ms J Sanders
11PCL - Mrs C Liew
11PLD - Mr L Dunn

Tutor Reps

Yr 8

8PKL: Phillipa Crane, Noel Stephen 
8PRS: Blanka Szantho, Joe Tyler
8PTOG: Charlie Jackson, Roberta Maniglia

Yr 10

10PGM: Rhiannon Davies, Peter Savery
10PCMC: Josh Ko, Natalie Canvin


Yr 9

9PDA: Dan McTiernan, Robyn Obee
9PCBA: Sebastian Olds, Ellie Condron

Yr 11

11PCL: Luke Patel, Julia Dyba
11PLD: Sam McGrath, Milena Dabrowska
11PJS: Sam McGreevy, Amy Ritchings

Who was Louis Pasteur?:

Louis Pasteur was a French chemist and microbiologist renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization. He is remembered for his remarkable breakthroughs in the causes and preventions of diseases, and his discoveries have saved countless lives ever since. He reduced mortality from puerperal fever (a condition that results from an infection of the female reproductive organs, contracted during or following childbirth or miscarriage), and created the first vaccines for rabies and anthrax. Pasteur died in 1895, aged 72. His legacy survived his death in the form of his discoveries and numerous streets, schools and hospitals around the world have been named in his honour.