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Photography Club

The photography club is run each Wednesday by Mr Williams and Mr Britton from 1.30pm - 2pm and is open to all students. You don't need your own camera (although you are welcome to bring one) as we have some you can use.

We cover a range of topics and styles, including portrait, B&W, nature and wildlife and landscapes, which change each term. We try to make it a fun but informative atmosphere where students can learn and improve their photography skills. We have some very talented students who are producing amazing results.

Over the year we will cover:

  • Basics: including aperture, depth of field, composition, shutter speeds and ISO.
  • Nature & Wildlife: from flowers and trees to insects and animals
  • Portraits: people and animals
  • Black & White: contrast, shadows and texture
  • Landscapes: interesting weather, shooting in low light and using filters

In the final term, students will choose a topic of their own choice and will work on creating their final photograph for the end of year competition.


Eco Animal Encounters

Recently the photography club had a visit from Tom Charlton of Eco Animal Encounters. Tom is a herpetology expert and photographer and travels the world documenting snakes. He has worked with people such as Nigel Marven (Nigel Marven's 10 Deadliest on ITV) and his photographs have been used in many publications.

The students had the chance to photograph some animals up close and gain tips on how to get the best out of their shot. Tom brought in a scorpion, tarantula, tree frog, African bull frog and a spotted python. After creating some backgrounds for the animals to be photographed against Tom guided the students on the best way to frame the animals, get the best angle and create a natural looking picture.

The students have produced some great images and we very much appreciated Tom's time and expertise. We hope to have another visit from Tom in the future.



Ian Wade

Ian Wade has joined the photography club several times over the last few years for talks on photography, including landscape and wildlife. Ian is a local photographer so it was interesting to see some photos taken around Bristol and it gave the students some insight into what could be achieved on their doorstep.

The students were full of questions throughout the talk and it was great to see them so engaged. Ian shared stories from his own personal experience (some funny stories) and showed what can be achieved with different equipment, including smart phones. He showed us some stunning pictures taken on his iPhone 4 to prove you don't need expensive cameras. Ian also made the point that the most important thing in photography is to have fun!

At the end of the talks Ian spends time looking at the photographs students had taken, giving them feedback and advice. It's great to see how they have put the advice Ian gave them into practise by taking stunning pictures.


End of term competition

In the last term the students are allowed to choose a topic that interests them for our end of year competition. We ask them to write a short brief on what they want to do and why. They also have to write a few lines about any issues they faced or actions they took to get the final result. This is to allow us to see what they had learnt during their time in the club.

We are always surprised at the high quality of entries and judging a winner and runners up would be a very tough decision.  Luckily we haven't had to make this choice as they were judged by Ian Wade, who has joined us for previous talks and also judged last year.  Ian said:

'The standard of these pictures is AMAZING, for photographers so young. They should be extremely proud. It was so hard to pick a winner as the competition was so close.  In my eyes all these photographers are WINNERS!'

Ian also kindly commented on each photograph.

1st place - Seamus Robinson

'Beautifully executed image, one I can't find any faults with. The backlighting is excellent, the detail on the strawberries and raspberries is fantastic, the colours jump out of the screen and the lighting in the background on the bushes is awesome.  It screams of summer and is excellent in every area.'

2nd place - James Hartley

'This shows an example of the relationship between the bee and the flower, which it's pollinating. It's an excellent example of storytelling in a single image. It's an extremely tricky shot to capture, with the bee constantly moving from flower to flower. The background colours are beautiful and the bee is pin sharp. A great example of wildlife photography.'

3rd place - Megan Mounter

'Really nice to see an example of black and white photography. The metallic pots against the texture of the sharp cactus make the image really stand out. The balance between light and dark is excellent. Great to see someone experimenting with black and white photography.'

We'd all like to thank Ian again for the judging and his comments.  We hope Ian will be joining us again later in the year for another talk with the photography club.

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