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Mathematics at Key Stage 3

The Schemes of work are based on the National Curriculum. The strand followed depends on the pupil’s class, as below.  Please note that, depending on the profile of the year group, the strands may be varied, eg in a year group where the F group is stronger, they may follow the Core Strand.  The J group follow the Support Strand with extra supporting resources.  All pupils are issued with an Essential Maths text book, as in the table below.  All pupils are also given a logon for the mymaths website, where they will be set some of their homeworks, and there are opportunities to do revision work.


Higher Strand
(Classes B,T)

Core Strand
(Classes M,P)

Support Strand
(Classes F,H,J)

Year 7 term 1

Taught in mixed ability groups apart from those in 7J

Year 7

7H Level 5/6+

7C Level 4/5+

7S Level 3/4+

Year 8

8H Level 6/7

8C Level 5/6

8S Level 4/5

Year 9

9H Level 7/8

9C Level 6/7

9S Level 4/6

Mathematics at Key Stage 4:

For the new GCSE course,  pupils who have achieved a level 7 and above at Key Stage 3 (the end of year 9), together with a strong level 6, follow the scheme of work for the Higher Tier.  Our main resource books are the Collins GCSE series written for the Edexcel  1MA1 GCSE specifications. Those at a weaker Level 6 or below prepare for the Foundation Tier.  There are no controlled assessments nor coursework  in Mathematics; the GCSE grade is awarded upon performance in the three final written exams.  In two papers a calculator is permitted; in the other no calculator is permitted. 




Grades available

4(equivalent to a weak’C’) – 9(A*)

1(G)- 5(equivalent to a strong ‘C’)


Mathematics at Key Stage 5:

Core Mathematics

is offered for those in year 12 not doing an AS Mathematics course.
AS/A2  Mathematics

is assessed in 3 modular examinations at the end of year 12, each of 90 minutes.

The Edexcel modules prepared for are Core Mathematics 1 (C1), Core Mathematics 2 (C2), and either Statistics 1 (S1) or Mechanics 1 (M1).

And with 3 modular examinations at the end of y13, each of 90 minutes.

The Edexcel modules prepared for are Core Mathematics 3 (C3), Core Mathematics 4 (C4), and either Statistics 2 (S2) or Mechanics 2 (M2).
AS/A2 Further Mathematics (taken as a second Mathematics A level course)

is assessed with 6 modular examinations at the end of y12/13, each of 90 minutes.

The Edexcel modules prepared for are selected from: Further Pure Mathematics 1 (FP1),  Mechanics 1 (M1)and Mechanics 2 (M2), Further Pure Mathematics 2 (FP2),Further Pure Mathematics 3 (FP3),  Mechanics 3 (M3), Mechanics 4 (M4), Mechanics 5 (M5), Decision Mathematics (D1) .


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