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Key Dates:

Year 10

There will be an end of unit assessment at the end of every unit; these tend to fall around the end of term.


Year 11

September – Completion of controlled assessment

Early November – End of unit Rocks test.

Early March – End of Unit Development test


Geography at Key Stage 3:

Throughout KS3 student gain a broad and insightful range of knowledge, beginning with local Geographies in Year 7, building up to wider global geographical issues in Year 9. Along the way students will study a range of both Human and physical topics that aim to evoke thought and to allow students to question the world around them.

Geography at Key Stage 4:

Many students opt to take Geography in years 10 and 11.
Exam board course details: AQA GCSE Geography B (9035)

Assessment at GCSE:
Paper 1 – Physical Geography  - 37.5%
Paper 2 – Human Geography  - 37.5%
Controlled Assessment – 25%

Geography at Key Stage 5:

Exam board course details: AQA GCE Geography (2030)

AS Geography

Unit 1 - GEOG1

Physical and Human Geography
70% of AS - 35% of A Level
2 hour written examination - 120 marks
Structured short and extended questions

Unit 2 - GEOG2

Geographical Skills
30% of AS - 15% of A Level
1 hour written examination - 50 marks
Structured skills and generic fieldwork questions

A2 Geography

Unit 3 - GEOG3

Contemporary Geographical Issues
30% of A Level
2 hour 30 minutes written examination - 90 marks
Structured short and extended questions, plus an essay 

Unit 4 – either GEO4A Geography Fieldwork Investigation or GEO4B Geographical Issue Evaluation

20% of A Level

1 hour 30 minutes written examination - 60 marks

GEO4A – structured short and extended questions based on candidates' fieldwork investigation and fieldwork skills



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