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Philosopher René Descartes was born on March 31, 1596, in La Haye, a small town in central France, which has since been renamed after him to honor its most famous son.

Descartes is considered by many to be the father of modern philosophy, because his ideas departed widely from current understanding in the early 17th century, which was more feeling-based. While elements of his philosophy weren’t completely new, his approach to them was. Descartes believed in basically clearing everything off the table, all preconceived and inherited notions, and starting fresh, putting back one by one the things that were certain, which for him began with the statement “I exist.” From this sprang his most famous quote: “I think; therefore I am.”

House Team

Head of House: Ms C Johnston

House Captains: Niamh Davies and Davis John

Vice Captains: Caitlin Baber and Dominic Robbins

Harriet Selway
Eva Clothier
Niamh Davies
Davis John
Reanna Grogan Helin
Christin James
Olivia Roberts
Majella Johnston
Izzie Redmond

Fionnuala Keagan
Hannah Shiga
Maeve Johnston
Rhian Greenaway
Emily Rees
Alex Kanchanatheera
Callum Berry
Joe Honey
Christian Jones
Reece Chakkarakadan

George Sawyer
Owen Price-Lewis
George Kloska
Amy McMahon
Darren Clarke
Lucy Tarr
Nathan Giles
Lexie Colston
Ignatius De Pedro
Tutor Groups

Yr 8

8DPB - Miss P Bassett
8DASC - Ms Scadding-Hunt

Yr 10

10DCWI - Miss C Wise
10DJLO - Miss J Lobbett
10DMH - Mr M Hirani

Yr 9

9DJBI - Miss J Bigwood
9DMR - Miss M Rafee


11DLB - Miss L Barnes
11DMCR - Mr M Crockett