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Miss Manjula Rafee - Acting Head of Chemistry
Ms H Redfearn



Mrs J Pascoe


Key Dates:

19th-21st October 13CHEM3 Laboratory dates for controlled assessment
20th November 13CHEM3 controlled assessment deadline
7th-9th December 13CHEM5 laboratory dates for controlled assessment

15th January 13CHEM5 controlled assessment deadline
14th-15th January Christmas lectures for KS3 with Tim Harrison (university of Bristol)


Chemistry at Key Stage 3:

Chemistry is taught as part of an integrated science programme at Key Stage 3.  Pupils study a range of Chemistry topics as part of the Go Science programme of materials.

Chemistry at Key Stage 4:

Students studying triple science follow the OCR 21st Century Science Chemistry specification.

Assessment at GCSE:

Unit A171: (25%) Covering topics C1 Air Quality, C2 Material Choices and C3 Chemicals in Our Lives

Unit A172: (25%) Covering topics C4 Chemical Patterns, C5 Chemicals of the Natural Environment and C6 Chemical Synthesis

Unit A173: (25%) Topic 7 Further Chemistry

Unit A174: (25%) Controlled Assessment

Chemistry at Key Stage 5:

Students follow the OCR Chemistry B (Salters) specification

Assessment at AS level:
HO33/1 - foundations in chemistry (1hr30 written exam - 50% of AS grade)
HO33/2 - chemistry in depth 50% (1hr30 written exam - 50% of AS grade)

Assessment at A2 (for examination in 2016):
F334 - Chemistry of Materials (90min written exam - 30% of A2 course)
F335 - Chemistry by Design (120min written exam - 40% of A2 course)
F336 - Individual investigation (controlled assessment - 30% of A2 course)

Assessment for A2 (for examination in 2017)
H433/1 - fundamentals for chemistry (2hr15 written exam - 41% of total A Level)
H433/2 - scientific literacy in chemistry (2hr15 written exam - 37% of total A Level)
H433/3 - practical skills in chemistry (1hr30 written exam - ww% of total A Level)
Practical Endorsement in chemistry (Teacher assessment, pass/fail - standalone qualification)

N.B. Results for pupils sitting the AS level chemistry in 2015 will not contribute towards grading for A2 chemistry in 2016



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