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Food and Catering



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Key Dates:

Year 10 Practical Assessment Unit 1 (20%) June 2015

Year 11 Practical Assessment Unit 1 (40%) January 2015


Year 11 Written Paper Unit 2 (40%) June 2015


Food at Key Stage 3:

A summary of the exciting learning experiences offered to Key Stage 3 pupils within Food technology are stated below.

Year 7

During Year 7 you will learn the basic skills needed for a good foundation in cookery. This year’s work is designed to get you cooking confidently and safely, with a variety of ingredients and equipment. You will learn to make many dishes from cakes to crumbles.

Year 8

During Year 8 you will continue to build on the foundation skills you learnt in year 7, learning to cook with meat, sauces, and make some complex dishes and main meals. You will make an assortment of dishes including kebabs, burgers and brownies.

Year 9

During Year 9 you will focus on 3 main projects including International Foods, Health Eating and Desserts and Quick Cooking. Each dish is designed to improve and increase your skills in cookery, with a focus on improving presentation and adapting recipes to suit you and your family. You will make many dishes including curries, pizzas and puddings, and also have the chance to research and cook your own recipe ideas.

Catering at Key Stage 4:

In key stage 4 you will focus on completing your GCSE in Catering, this covers a wide range of cuisines and diverse cookery styles, focussing on presentation skills and precise cooking. There is a large theory side to this course, with 60% of your GCSE being 2 coursework projects where you study and research different foods and produce your own dishes during a 3 hour practical exam.  This is a great subject to study if you are considering a future in the Catering industry or just want to learn solid life skills to take you through university and beyond.

Exam board course details :

Assessment at GCSE:

Year 10

Unit 1:  Practical assessment with supporting and written coursework project: 15 hours – 20%

Year 11

Unit 1: 20 page Coursework project and Practical assessment (4731), based on current topics of interest in the catering industry: 30 hours - 120 marks – 40%.

Unit 2: Written paper (4732): 1 hour 15 minutes – 80 marks – 40%



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